The Purple Reign

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Cathedral CandleHolder named "The Purple Reign" Made of Purple, and clear crystal stained glass, using Antique White grout.. A side note here: The pictured candle was a custom made glass, so I will make an "artistically similar" piece, which will be "The Purple Reign 2 "...actually 3, as I've made two of them to date, which I love..lets me explore different designs for those colors... it sometimes comes out better than the original..(usually)!

All my products are handcrafted by me. I use high quality unique glass that I design into hand-cut pieces and artistically (hopefully!) arrange them on glass vases, with a strong glass adhesive. The candleholders are then treated with a complimentary (color wise!) colored grout, or another medium of cover. Each is basically a different canvas for a glass worker like me, and it is always a challenge to make it all work.   I then coat the entire piece in a sealer to waterproof and resist-stains for years to come. …and Please..! do not put them in a dishwasher. . They are VERY nice at night... to set the mood in a room..., hopefully with low lights..! Can be used also as a Vase or Small Planter.